July 2021

Following the election of Fr. Christian Temu OSB, former mission procurator of the Missionary Benedictine Congregation of St. Ottilien as 6th abbot of Ndanda, his abbatial blessing has taken place on 8th July 2021.

The colorful event which involved hundreds of religious, priests and the laity was divided into two parts, namely, the Eucharistic celebration in which the abbatial blessing was performed and the second part which included traditional dances, speeches, presentation of gifts, meals etc.

Bishop Titus Joseph Mdoe, the ordinary of Mtwara Diocese presided over the mass and imparted the abbatial blessing. Having received the abbatial blessing, the new abbot took over from the bishop and presided over the mass to the end. With Bishop Titus Mdoe were other bishops from the nearby dioceses: Bishop Bruno Ngonyani (Lindi), Bishop Philbert Mhansi (Tunduru-Masasi) and Bishop John Ndimbo (Mbinga).

The Benedictine World was represented by: Archabbot Wolfgang Öxler (St. Ottilien, Germany), abbot Aloysius Altman (Königsmünster, Germany), abbot em. Anastasius Reiser (Münsterschwarzach), abbot em. Thadeus Mhagama (Hanga); abbot Pambo Martin (Mvimwa), abbot Romain Botta (Agbang, Togo), abbot John Baptist (Tigoni, Kenya,  abbot Octavian Masingo of Hanga and Fr. Melchior Kayombo, prior of Peramiho. With them were tens of confreres who escorted their abbots to honor this rare occasion.

With the election, confirmation and now the benediction of abbot Christian Temu, the leadership vacuum which was left behind by the untimely death of his successor has now been occupied.

In his brief speech the new abbot thanked the local church leaders, the regional government, the missionary congregation of St. Ottilien, various mission partners, friends and benefactors for all the support which Ndanda abbey experience from them on the daily basis. He expressed his commitment as new abbot in making Ndanda a reliable, faithful and effective mission partner in various missionary areas within Tanzania as well as in the new mission in Mozambique. Mindful of the work which is before him and his community, the new abbot concluded by saying: the celebrations are over and now it is time to get to work!

Ndanda abbey which is situated in Mtwara Diocese (south-eastern Tanzania) has currently 92 monks. Its key missionary activities include, pastoral work, health services, education of girls and boys, environmental projects, etc.