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Benedictine Community – Sakharani

The Sakharani community is situated in the Usambara Mountains, in Lushoto District. Standing at 1300m above sea level, Sakharani is an ideal place for various agricultural activities. Apart from growing fruits and vegetables, Sakharani boasts of a massive forest project with thousands of trees. Grape farming, though unusual in Usambara, has enabled the small community to produce its own brand of wine famously known as Sakharani Wine. The community is comprised of about five members and serves as a starting point for the young people who want to join our monastic life.

Benedictine Guest House, Kurasini

Our house in Kurasini, Dar es Salaam, is basically a procure and guest house. Mission related guests from oversees as well as from within the country may spend days in this guest house. The house is very well positioned—only about 4 km from the city center and about 12 km from/to Julius Nyerere International Airport. Rooms as well as transport services can be organized by the guest master. Currently two confreres stay in Kurasini.


Benedictine Fathers’ Kurasini,
Kilwa, Road Benderea Tatu,
P.O. BOX 274
Dar es Salaam – TZA

Tel. +255 784 946 519

St. Pachomius’ MONASTERY, N’nango.

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