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Current Mission Projects

Current Mission Projects

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Our missionary work is constantly evolving. Be it at home or across the border in Mozambique, the needs of the society around us push us all the time to respond in a helpful way. Current major projects involve:

  • Construction of N’nango Health Centre in Mozambique
  • Construction of Intensive Care Unit for Children (and for Adults too) at Ndanda Mission Hospital,
  • Construction of a new ward at Ndanda Mission Hospital.

While we on our part do the best possible in the implementation of mission projects, we call upon and depend on the generosity of mission friends, well-wishers and benefactors.

Your help can easily reach us through these mission procures:


Missionsprokura der Abtei St. Otmarsberg. Tel. +41 (0) 55 285 8111


United States

Benedictine Mission House in Schuyler, NE: Tel. +1 402 352 2177